Kev Kor Enterprises

Kev Kor Enterprises has partnered with Deines Manufacturing to offer the market the finest and most innovative commercial lawn mowers. All of our commercial mowers are manufactured with the finest quality raw materials. Our spindle shafts are made with long-life tooled steel, durable ductile steel spindle housing, and full 11 gauge steel deck construction. All of these features are standard on all of our commercial lawn mowers.

The New LH Series commercial lawn mower is exclusively available through Kev Kor Enterprises, made by our friends at Deines Manufacturing. The LH Series is a 60" or 72" mower that comes with a single rear wheel and hand lever control for the deck. Deines puts dual tail wheels on all 20 hp units, since those units are more likely to have grass/leaf vacuums with large boxes on the back. In the past the 72" deck required a hefty pull to raise the deck manually to go over curbs, so all 20 hp unites come standard with a very convenient electric deck lift.

Over the last number of years Kohler has been the exclusive engine supplier for Deines. We are pleased this relationship continues. All Deines mowers are powered by the Kohler air cooled Command V-Twin overhead valve engine with spin off oil filter.

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